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Jan 03

A Dog is Unconditional Love…

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 11:23 AM by Craig Jacobson

Pukkas Promise pic.JPGI’ve just recently read Pukka’s Promise, by Ted Kerasote who has also written Merle’s Door and Pukka: the Pup after Merle.

In his first book you learn of how he met Merle, a wild dog, on a camping trip.  This book not only tells their story, but also the author’s unique take on how to raise a dog.  After losing Merle, it took a while before he got Pukka.  Many of the author’s readers wanted to know why their dogs died so young.  This led to the writing of his third book.  In this book, the author explains not only his relationship with Pukka, but also the many ways we can help our canine pets to live longer by making wise choices about contaminants, nutrition, vaccinations, genetics, spaying and neutering.  Other books to help you better understand your pet would be Through a Dog’s Eyes and Animals Make Us Human.  For other good dog stories you might want to try Giant George: life with the biggest dog and The Dog Who Lived.

With Christmas right around the corner, many people give a puppy as a gift.  Looking at the Dorling Kindersley’s, Dog Encyclopedia, might be a great way to figure out which dog would be perfect for your family.  It describes over 420 breeds and it gives expert advice on equipment, handling, exercise, play, feeding grooming breeding and first aid.  It even has a section on training basics to get everyone off to a good start.

Devoted pic.jpgJust look at that face.  Anyone who loves a dog knows just how special they are.  In Devoted: 38 extraordinary tales of love, loyalty, and life with dogs, all the stories highlight the most amazing rescues, accomplishments and abilities that fascinate us and touch our hearts.  While many of us know the love and companionship that dogs offer us humans, they are just as loving to other creatures such as donkeys, elephants, polar bears, and deer.  In, Unlikely Friendships, there are 47 stories of such unique relationships.

While every dog is special there is a unique group of dogs that take things to an even higher level.  These dogs are those that have what it takes to work as a therapy or service dog.  Boo is such a dog.  In, A Dog Named Boo, Boo is not your typical hero.  He was the runt of an abandoned litter, had poor eyesight, and a wobbily gait.  This is the story of a dog who was the dunce of his obedience class who overcame all that to become a therapy dog with the Delta Society Pet Partners.  In 2008, he was one of five finalists for the Delta Society’s national Beyond Limits Award for his therapy work.  Not bad for the runt of the litter.

Trident K9 pic.jpgMike Ritland served as a SEAL in Iraq and saw how the military dogs performed over there.  Fewer than 1% of all working dogs have what it takes to do this very special job helping these elite troops do their job.  These dogs are just as committed as their handlers in serving this nation.  Mike started his own company training and supplying for the SEAL teams.  In Trident K-9 Warriors, Ritland shows us these special K9’s, how they are trained, and some of the amazing missions they have completed.  Other books about service dogs worth looking at are The Possibility Dogs, Scent of the Missing, and Weekends With Daisy.

There is nothing more devastating than a lost pet. Four Legged Miracles is full of stories of dogs that have been separated from their families and have miraculously returned.  One story is of a dog with two broken legs that manages to crawl home to a house that was destroyed by a tornado.  This book is not only filled with other heart- warming stories, but with common reasons why dogs disappear, how to get a missing dog back faster, and the science behind the dogs ability to return against such odds.

We are fortunate to share our lives with such splendid creatures.  I hope you enjoy the stories that were shared in the above mentioned books.  Happy reading.