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Library - Circulation

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1. Can I still check items out if I owe a fine?
2. Can you hold items for me?
3. How do I get a library card?
4. How long can I keep my items?
5. I have lost or damaged an item, what should I do?
6. I lost my library card, how do I get a replacement?
7. I lost my password / PIN, can you tell me what it is?
8. What are the overdue fines?
9. Who can get a library card?

Library - General

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1. Are there study rooms available?
2. Are your events and programs free to the public?
3. Can I rent a meeting room?
4. Can I use the gallery space on the second floor?
5. Does the library accept donations?
6. How do I reserve the display case in the lobby?
7. Is the library associated with the public pool next door, the softball field, or the park?
8. When did the library open?
9. Who was Frank L. Weyenberg?
10. Will you post a meeting notice for me?

Library - Services

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1. Aside from books, CDs, and movies, is there anything else I can check out?
2. Can I make copies or print items from a computer?
3. Can I work on a paper / use a word processor / etc?
4. Does the library have a fax machine?
5. Does the library have a notary public?
6. Does the library have tax forms?
7. Is internet available at the library?