Patrons who wish to use the Digitization Lab must agree to these protocols before they are able to submit a reservation.

  • The Digitization Lab is available Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by pre-arranged appointment. Patrons must vacate the Lab by the end time of the appointment.
  • The Lab is available to patrons holding a Weyenberg Library card in good standing as a first priority, and secondly, to patrons holding a System library card in good standing, and the card must be presented to staff at the time of use. The patron requesting use must be 18 years of age or older. Patrons under the age of 18 may use the Lab only if supervised at all times by the individual signing the Lab agreement.
  • The Lab is to be used for the purpose of digitizing personal / family collections or materials of a civic, cultural or educational purpose. The Lab may not be used for commercial or fundraising intents. Copyright law prohibits copying commercial VHS or DVD titles, and violators will lose future privileges.
  • Persons using the Lab assume all risk for loss or damage to their property and hold the Weyenberg Library and any associated partners harmless. Users may not use the Weyenberg Library's name, address, phone number or website address in any context of their digitization.
  • The individual signing the Lab Agreement form assumes all responsibility for damage to the Lab or its contents. Should damage occur, the individual will be promptly billed for the full monetary cost to restore the Lab to its pre-use state, and the individual's library card will be blocked for all library purposes until payment in full is received by the Library Director. The Lab is checked out to the individual signing the Agreement and will be checked back in following the inspection of the room and verifying that all is in order. The library card must be presented at time of checkout.
  • The individual signing the Lab Agreement must remain in the Lab during the time span reserved unless exempted by the Library Director or Patron Services Manager.
  • There is no fee for using the Lab, but patrons must provide their own USB drives for copying converted files. No food or drink are allowed inside the Lab, and the Lab must be left in a neat and orderly condition to ensure approval for further use.
  • The Library Director or Patron Services Manager will deny permission to use the Lab or require occupants to leave the Lab should users be disruptive or violate these protocols. In the absence of either the Director or Manager, library staff are authorized to enforce proper use.
  • Patrons must provide their own USB drives for copying converted files. The Library does not provide USB drives or hard disk storage for any user, nor will the Library store a patron's physical materials.
  • Requests for using the Lab must be initiated and fully completed no earlier than thirty (30) days and no less than three (3) business days prior to the requested appointment. Requests for equipment or special hours must be noted at the time of application. No application shall be considered complete until reviewed by the Library and returned to the applicant indicating approval. The Library Director or Patron Services Manager reserves the right to limit the number of times a patron may reserve the lab in any 30-day period, generally to no more than five (5) days.