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[ARCHIVED] Author & Illustrator Spotlight: Catherine Rayner

The original item was published from December 14, 2015 8:55 AM to November 30, 2016 3:18 PM

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If anyone would ask who my favorite picture book author is, I would answer Jan Brett.? Jan writes and illustrates all of her books and she does a fantastic job at both.? I can now add another person to my list of favorite picture book authors: Catherine Rayner.? Her stories are short and sweet, many filled with teachable moments and friendship.? Her illustrations are beautiful; each one is better than the next.? And, she has won nine awards for her illustrations!

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Sylvia and Bird is about Sylvia, the only dragon in the world.? Sylvia is very lonely when she meets and helps Bird build her nest.? Soon they are doing everything together and becoming the best of friends. There’s just one problem, Sylvia doesn’t believe that they can be friends because they are so different.? When the two of them go on a special journey Sylvia discovers you don’t have to be the same to be friends.

The Bear Who Shared is another book about friendship and was named by the Sunday Times as one of the 100 Children’s Modern Classics of the past 10 years.? Norris is waiting for the last plorringe to ripen on the tree.? Plorringe is a fruit that smells like “honey and sunny days” and he can’t wait to eat it.? Tulip the mouse and Violet the raccoon are also waiting to eat it.? When the plorringe finally falls, Norris catches it and he discovers that he gains more than just the fruit when he shares it with Tulip and Violet and gains two new friends.

Harris Finds His Feet is about Harris the hare who wonders why he has such big feet. While spending time with Grandad, his Grandad shows him how to run, jump, dig, and become independent with those big feet of his.

In Abigail we get to practice counting because Abigail the giraffe loves to count.? The one problem she has is that the dots, stripes, splotches, and leaves move while she is trying to count them.? Her friends try to help her, but Abigail discovers that her friends can’t count.? She teaches them how to count and together they find things to count that don’t move. ?

Ernest the Moose Who Didn’t Fit is about a very big moose who is trying to fit into a book.? No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get all of his body to fit.? However his chipmunk friend comes up with a brilliant plan and together with a little tape and paper they find a way for Ernest to fit.

Solomon Crocodile is about a crocodile that loves to tease the other animals by the river and they tell Solomon to leave them alone.? He’s disappointed that no one loves doing the things he does until he comes across another croc that is teasing just like him.? You now have double trouble by the river.

Rayner’s newest book is Smelly Louie.? Poor Louie the dog has just had a bath and he no longer smells the way he should.? You get to follow along as Louie tries to get back his special smell.

Come visit us in the Children’s Room and check out these beautiful books!? I’m sure you’ll find them as special as we do!

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