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Jan 06

Amazing Animals

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 11:18 AM by Craig Jacobson

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The title, A Street Cat Named Bob: how he saved my life, seems a bit over the top, especially if you don’t like cats, but the author’s life did a complete turn- around when he took in and cared for an injured cat that he found in his neighborhood.? A great follow-up book is, A Gift from Bob: how a street cat helped one man learn the meaning of Christmas.? The same story is repeated in the book, The Dog Who Healed a Family.? This book contains 19 heart- warming stories about the special connection between humans and animals.

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It’s not unusual for a cat or dog to help us through the tough times in our lives but what about other animals.? When Helen MacDonald’s father dies unexpectedly in, H is for Hawk, the author choses to train a hawk to help her cope with her loss.? She never dreamed how her life would change because of this beautiful bird.

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When I heard the title, The Soul of an Octopus, I couldn’t imagine a book written about this creature of the deep.? The amazing thing is how fascinating this spineless mollusk is. They are very intelligent, vary in their personalities, are very curious, and they are capable of interacting with people.? Many scientists were surprised to learn the complexity of this animal.

It’s not hard to imagine animals of the same species forming a bond with one another.? A herd of elephants or a pack of wolves will grieve when one of their own dies.? Jennifer Holland, senior writer for National Geographic, wrote Unlikely Friendships and Unlikely Loves .? Both books are filled with stories about unlikely duos such as a fox and a dog, a boa constrictor and a pit bull, and an otter and a badger.

Our lives are so much richer because of these animals and our special connection to them.? Hope you enjoy reading and learning from these very special creatures.