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Apr 05

The Edgar Awards

Posted on April 5, 2017 at 10:11 AM by Craig Jacobson

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The 2017 Edgar Awards will be presented on April 27.   That gives you plenty of time to read the five nominees to see which one you think should win.

Before the Fall.jpgThe first nominee is Before the Fall.  A private plane takes off from Martha’s Vineyard on a foggy summer night.  Ten of the passengers are among the very affluent.  The eleventh passenger is a struggling artist.  Sixteen minutes into the flight the plane goes down and only two of the eleven passengers survive.  One of the survivors is a 4-year-old child, the last member of the powerful and wealthy media mogul’s family that just died on this night, and the other survivor is the painter.  As you get to know about the others that perished on that flight, you begin to wonder was it just fate that they were on this particular plane or was there something more sinister happening that night.

What Remains of Me.jpgOur next nominee, What Remains of Me, is a psychological thriller.  Holly Michelle Lund has served a 30-year sentence for the murder of Oscar- nominated director John McFadden in his home.  Five years after Holly has been released from prison, movie legend Sterling Marshall, Kelly’s father-in-law, is found dead in his home.  His body found murdered in the same manner as his friend John McFadden and Kelly is once again a prime suspect.  However, this time Kelley has someone who believes she was innocent of both crimes and is willing to help her clear her name.  What dirty secrets are hidden away all this time?

Jane Steele.jpgThe third nominee, Jane Steele, considered by some to be a retelling of Jane Eyre.  While Jane lives in Victorian England, is an orphan, has gone to a boarding school, and eventually becomes a governess, there is one slight difference- Jane Steele is a heroic serial killer. 

Where It Hurts.jpgWhere It Hurts is our fourth nominee and is the first book in a new series by Reed Farrel Coleman.  Gus is like a modern day Job.  A retired cop with a great family and a nice house-he has it all.  Tragedy hits and his perfect world is shattered to pieces.  The shell of this ex-cop is now a far cry from the confident man he once was and he struggles to just get through each day.  His life takes a new turn when Tommy Delcamino, a low- level criminal that Gus has arrested several times contacts him.  Tommy believes his son was murdered and thought Gus was the only honest cop who would find the killer.  Gus nearly dies tracking down the elusive killer but that opens his eyes as to how to live again.

The Ex.jpgOur final nominee is, The Ex: a novel.  Olivia agrees to help an old ex-fiance who has been accused of killing three people in broad daylight.  Her ex, Jack Harris, is a widower.  His wife had been killed three years ago by a fifteen-year-old and now Jack is charged with killing him and two others.  Olivia is a top NYC defense lawyer, she knows Jack and there is no way he could have killed those three and yet, as the evidence mounts, could she be wrong?  Is he not the man she thought he was?

Let the reading begin!  See if you can figure out which deserves the title of Best Mystery.

Book covers are courtesy of Monarch.